Glass Arrows


Nah, this isn’t about that Circa Survive song.

So the 18th episode of Arrow aired recently, capping off an extremely long and awful run of episodes for the show. In this episode, a bunch of story lines all tie together in a somewhat eventful manner, and the audience finally learns who was in the grave that was teased in the first episode. That all sounds pretty cool, except for the fact that the show is so balls deep in its own mediocrity that I’m not sure I even care any more.

I’m not sure if this is a platitude I heard somewhere else, but my basic definition of good writing is when you’re enjoying a story – whether that’s a movie, a TV show, a video game, a book, or whatever – and you forget that the characters are fictional. When I watch Black Sails, I often forget that I’m watching a TV show and not a real event in history. The writing is so good, and the performances so hypnotic and intoxicating, that the very idea that some guy wrote this down just slips away into the aether.

And then there’s bad writing, which is when you’re all too aware of the fact that some guy is writing that shit down, and is probably giggling to himself at how amazing it all is.

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